Give me 1 number to Call!

January 24, 2008

January 24 2008

As a Technology Manager in the SMB space – I have been welcoming the larger telecommunications providers, as well as various service providers and vendors for reaching out to the small / medium business space. It seems companies from Microsoft to IBM finally realize that there are some companies around that don’t fit the Global 2000 model.

In fact, a 2007 report states that 49 per cent of private sector employment in Canada as a whole was supplied by small business. Granted, it is more difficult and with more pressure on SG&A expenses to sign many small deals than one large one, but the market is here.

I use a larger Canadian services organization for a raft of products that include wireless services, voice services, data services, Wide Area Network (WAN) security and managed services, and even data center hosting services.

I still have one problem though, every one of those services is a different contract with a different division, with different contact number and email address. None of those services “knows” me as a customer of the other services.

There is a huge waste of my time for sure, but do you think I am wasting dollars of your time too? speaking with 5 different people in five different places?

I think so.


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