Microsoft & Consumers Lead the Charge

January 29, 2008

The Computing Cloud is coming, With Microsoft and consumers leading the charge. In an interview with Microsoft’s Robbie Bach, head of Microsoft’s Entertainment Division, Automotive News (subscription required) Mr. Bach is quoted as saying the automobile will be part of the network. The technology in Microsoft’s Sync platform (currently available on several Ford Motor vehicles) allows voice activated control of cellular phones, Apple Corp’s. iPod etc. Ultimately, GPS, Navigation, your phone, your music will all be voice activated and available through your in car system.

Once we get get comfy with that – what is to stop me demanding that my corporate voice mail or email be accessible from that same platform?

I get off the plane into my car (even a rental) and have the car start reading my messages for me, and initiating the call for those I have to get back to. With the car connected to network, as a movable room or office, you don’t care where that data is coming from, you access it from wherever, and whenever you are.

The technology bits and pieces are already pretty much there – if the demand comes, (and I am sure it will) the result will be interesting.


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