K.I.S.S. (as Much as Possible)

February 7, 2008

A corporate web site has long passed the days of a few static “brochure” pages that point out the street address and the name of your organization. The amount of interactivity on web sites is growing, leading to richer interactions with customers, vendors and partners.

A well designed web site can allow virtual tours of products or services, they can allow research on those same products and services, and can even get site visitors tuned in to a product or service they did not know anything about.

While all of these richer media ideas are great, it is to easy to get carried away with all of this glitz. (especially if you hire someone outside to do the website) Having flashing arrows, blinking lights, dancing dots and other rich media gizmos plastered all over your website will make your site (and organization) look like a carnival fun house.

There is nothing wrong with having areas (or micro-sites) containing these glitzy pieces doing a 360 degree walk around of your products. But don’t “pollute” your default home page and entire website with it.

If you are retail, there are still older PC’s & web browsers out there. (an elderly family member of mine still uses Windows 95 with Netscape 3) None of that flash and glitz will work on that PC. So keep the basics simple – clearly stating that clicking the next link leads to more advance multi-media.

Second, the tools used to create these dancing dots and flashing arrows require their own software upgrades that update browser based software such as Macromedia Flash, Java, or Active-X controls. Many larger organizations implement security and desktop policies that do not allow the installation, or running of these executables.

And third, well – at least for some of us, the desire for the product is not greater than the effort having to filter out the carnival lights.

So keep it as simple as you possibly can – use the dancing dots sparingly, and ensure that at least your basic message gets across if the latest and greatest dancing dots don’t work.

Because you won’t know who you actually turned away.

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One Response to “K.I.S.S. (as Much as Possible)”

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