a 2.5 Million Dollar Job Ad

February 20, 2008

We all have read about massive credit card data thefts from retailers such as TJX, where something like 94 million credit card numbers were stolen. Or backup data tapes missing from the back of the truck or a from a contractors car. But as a small / medium business – it is easy to think that it is only the big guys that really get affected by these things.

However, the massive outside threats and attacks such as the TJX theft, are the rarer of the data loss problems. In some reports, up to 66% of data loss is either accidentally or deliberately performed by insiders.

Insiders being employees or contractors of your organization, or others who are authorized to be in your premises.

Here is an article describing a 2.5 Million dollar data sabotage at an architectural firm by an insider who apparently thought a help wanted posting by the company was threatening her position.

I ask you, what type of gross revenue do you need to be able to comfortably write off 2.5 Million??

Business in the SMB space are often guilty of this type of data security laxity. First, data backup and off site storage are thought of once in a while, if at all. And second, growing organizations often do not take the time to segregate their data by the security level, and role based access it requires.

Some questions for you;

1) Is the majority of your basic data thrown onto one or more file servers with basic access rights to everyone?

2) Do you have a database driven financial package, or manufacturing package that gives everybody a separate log in, but do you know if there are restrictions on that log in? and is the database itself protected by good security at the physical level? (from outside the application)

3) Do your employees just give someone else their ID and password when they go on vacation, rather than using proper delegate access?

4) Are the majority of your financial files on the controllers PC because there is no where else secure to put it?

5) If someone did delete 7 years worth of data – do you have any confidence that you could get it all back?

2.5 Million dollars says you should be able to answer all those questions very positively.

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