There Must be Something to this Cloud Computing

February 25, 2008

On this site, and many others. The future of technology is being defined as a simple utility, rather than spend large amounts of

capital for a particular solution, services for software and storage as well as just about everything else will be available simply by subscription.

In the past week or so, Microsoft has taken its consumer oriented skydrive out of Beta testing – allowing storage of up to 5 Gigabytes of data. Plus, storage giant EMC has listed 500,000 customers of its online storage “in the cloud” according to this eWeek article. With all of these announcements however, there are definately still some issues that organizations have to look at when considering this type of hosted storage;

1) Service Level Agreements: if you lose your data, it is your problem, if they lose it – whose problem is it?

2) Legal: With the global patchwork of discovery and disclosure rules. It will probably be a while before court cases hammer out the details of data ownership and rules. For example, I am in Canada, but if I use a California storage provider – do I have to comply with US or Canadian rules on disclosure and discovery?

3) Data Security: Its my data – will I find it published on the web due to some high profile breach?

4) Data Retention: Ensure that the provider has a retention period that that matches your requirements.

None of these will be insurmountable, but due diligence is still called for


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