Keep Learning

March 24, 2008

This little note is for the SMB Technology Guru’s.

A recent post by Merrill Dubrow President and CEO of MARC Research brought this to mind.

As written about on this site, In the IT space, your mantra must be to Keep Learning. Never stop. And that does not just mean the newest server or programming language of the day. Keeping up with the latest pure “technology” issues will lead you to be a great IT “electrician” but to be in the next wave of IT workers, we will have to be part data steward, part relationship manager, and add to that part business process expert.

As Merrill Dubrow states,

Read all the time! In fact never stop reading. Concentrate on things happening in your industry, companies and names in the news. Focus on best practices that can help you with your job!

In my opinion, you must learn your industry and your industries pressures. You must know as much of your industry dynamics as any one else in your organization. My employer is a managed training services provider with an extensive customer base in the automotive OEM industry.

You guessed it, the last year or so has been a crash course on learning theory, the automotive industry, and related issues.


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