Skills Shortage? or Training?

March 27, 2008

OK, CIOInsight had this article on the IT skills shortage. The IT skills shortage, IT worker retention, recruitment etc etc is all over the technology press. Call it the hot button of the decade.

Of course the article drew the predictable rants – and, well, I couldn’t resist – I had to add my own comment as well. (with just some typo and grammar fixes) For non technology managers that may see this, the tech domain is getting a little too notorious for body shopping. Forget training someone on this years technology changes, just dump them and get a new one.

Its funny,

You know, I never see an advertisement looking for automotive technicians with skills on next years model.

I mean really! the guys fixing last years cars may as well be COBOL developers right??

When the IT programming language or process of the year comes along, everybody will be advertising and looking for 10 years advanced experience with a 6 month old technology.

Come on!!! – can the auto industry be so out of date? forget training those service techs! – just fire them all, and hire new ones! Surely there are already techs learning how to fix all next years cars right now!

Oh yes, wait – there are – the Automotive industry is preparing for the training their techs need for the 2009 model year as we write these words.

Maybe we are the ones truly out of date

As with any thing, it is never “that” simple. But it is a problem never the less.

UPDATE: timing is everything right? I had barely published this when I read an article in the March 01 print edition of CIO regarding server virtualization.

“… it can be hard to learn as you go with virtualization…a consultant can help you avoid blunders…”

Uh huh – training can too …..

my 2 cents

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