Real SMB IT – Hosting

March 28, 2008

On a previous post here, I mentioned that for the most part I do not even maintain a “real” data centre in my organization. We provide an Application Service Provider model for some of our customer base. The 24×7 requirements of the applications, the need for security, the need for “lights out” management, and all the associated pieces required are too expensive for us to maintain internally. So all these critical servers are outsourced. They are hosted, maintained and managed in a large data centre that is not even in the same city as our office location.

Like all things, you have to be aware of the trade offs. And we are working through one of those right now.

Some of these servers are due to be retired. When you have your own servers, in your own data centre, it can be a little less stressful. You purchase and install your new server or servers. You then can stage your migration from old server to new server in what ever time frame and order that you wish.

In this outsourced hosting model, we have to get that migration completed as quickly as possible. The “old” and “new” servers cannot co-exist together for any length of time. That is not due to any technology reason, but plain and simple, while the two servers are running, we are paying for both of them. And only the one will be generating revenue.

So rather than a leisurely migration of database data, applications and data, it becomes a forklift upgrade that must be planned, and implemented as quickly as possible.


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