RIAA and Members foul tip again

April 1, 2008

After all of these years, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and its members still have not seemed to have learned their lesson. As I wrote in this old post titled Learn to Dance the RIAA is getting itself marginalized in its own industry.

This Internet Evolution article, says it all;

For instance, take Warner Music Group and the Led Zeppelin reunion concert last December. The show could only accommodate some 20,000 fans, yet it had over 20 million interested buyers vying to purchase tickets online. Immediately after the performance, short bootleg-looking video clips started posting on YouTube Inc. and other sites as millions of non-concert-going fans got a chance to see how the band looked after nearly two decades of dormancy.

Instead of relishing in this fan-driven frenzy, Warner cried copyright foul but forgot the forest for the trees as record and memorabilia sales for the group spiked for the next few months. Had Warner proactively created some content strategy to address those 20 million fans online, they could have had an opportunity to seriously capitalize on the free or fee challenge.

Let us contrast that with CBS as published by Ronald Grover in this Business Week article;

This year there’s a twist. Some of the hottest action is online, where fans will be viewing the games on every available computer screen, cranking up the excitement—and the profits.

CBS will be streaming all 63 “March Madness”playoff games, to at least 200 websites, according to the article they are looking at increasing on-line advertising revenue to $32 million from $10 Million last year.

The RIAA still has its head under a rock some where, maybe they will never learn.

Sorry Lars


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