Where Do You (And Your Web Site) Serve?

May 16, 2008

If your small to mid-market business is manufacturing or e-commerce based and you can serve or ship to customers all over the world, great! However if your business has geographical or other boundaries – your web store front should say it!

Web search engines cannot decipher if you have have delivery or service restrictions. They just match words. Now this comes from a recent experience; I was looking for a particular service in my area, I did the usual web search, and received a motley collection of links. One link was a company that does that service. But then I had to drill down into the Contact Us page and found that the telephone number was not even in my area code – (I am in Ottawa Ontario, not Ottawa KS)

The next link found a company that was at least in my area code. However It was not until I called them that I found that they were at the extreme opposite end of the area code boundary. I live in the extreme east end of the boundary, they are located at the extreme west end. So they do not service my area.

Well, say it!

If your capabilities are limited, whether regional, national, or even continental, explicitly state that on your web site. As I wrote here, make sure that finding your location or contact information is dead easy – and that should include a “Serving the….” and the applicable region you that you serve.

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