ITIL – The Journey

May 23, 2008

A May 12 article in Information Week by Michael Biddick brings up one nugget that is applicable to the small / mid market space. (technobabble alert – the above article is geared towards Enterprise IT Managers, if you are a general business manager in the SMB space, it will be a little,,,,,, dry!)

While ITIL is becoming the de facto standard for enterprises, we’ve seen too many organizations that just send their people through a class and expect the world to change.

It is worth repeating, ITIL is a journey – not a destination. It is people and processes. It requires commitment and management. There will not be a time when you can say “We are finished”.

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One Response to “ITIL – The Journey”

  1. […] for SME’s looking at ITIL, first, it is a journey. And like all journey’s it involves change in the way people work, and changes in what they […]

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