Do We Already Have Something To Do This?

May 30, 2008

Technical staff can often be the worst at this – but how often has the comment: “who reads the manual?” been heard? That is a mistake. I have seen many instances where a need exists for a particular technology asset, either hardware, software or both. With the best of intentions, a solution is identified, and a few more dollars leak out of your A/P.

Have you looked to see if you already have something that will do the job? If the manuals for existing tools had been read – you might find that the capability to perform that task already exists.

This article on Managing Inventory for Profitability by Ellen DePasquale at demonstrates that many accounting packages can already deal with inventory management. Ditto for Purchasing Managemement.

An Asset Management system I have used did a reasonable job of performing Help Desk management as well. And in a fairly extreme case, Captain D. Michael Abrashoff Author of; It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques From The Best Damn Ship In The Navy (see The Bookshelf) Describes a communications rating who actually read the manual and identified a key communication system that no one knew existed.

So you may already have something that will do the job.

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2 Responses to “Do We Already Have Something To Do This?”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Thank you Peter,

    There is also some “soft” value that can be obtained as well. In the financial package example mentioned above, only having to enter vendors or customers once can reduce data entry and errors. Plus time savings in utilizing an already familiar tool rather than training on a new one.

  2. Thank you Elliot, I have been banging the drum about the vital necessity of SMEs having a clear value proposition, and this article gives me a new insight.

    It is about a cost proposition – before you can ensure value on a purchase look at the true cost, and that includes something you may already be spending!

    Thanks for the insight, Peter

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