We are ISO 9000, Should We ITIL?

June 4, 2008

You already have a large investment in an ISO 9000 PMF (Process Management Framework). So the question is; is ITIL worth considering for IT, or can we use the existing ISO PMF?

There is a key difference between ITIL and the ISO standards. The ITIL framework is exactly that; a framework of best practices. Unlike ISO 9000 there is no external audit process or certification. (Companies cannot be certified under ITIL, Persons versed in the framework can be)

One advantage of ITIL is that it provides a “Rosetta Stone” for IT language, this can be of value if you are dealing with outsourcers that are already ITIL aligned.

So your answer – it can be your choice

1) If you already have an ISO PMF, and choose to go ITIL, many of the ITIL Management capabilities can be slid right into your PMF. If you read the ITIL overviews I have posted on this site, you will notice that with the addition of the required audit capabilities required by ISO auditors, you are already there.

2) You can also leverage your existing PMF to include your IT planning and operations within your PMF without going the ITIL route. For example, Most ISO Certified organizations spend their time on ensuring HR, Finance and Manufacturing are PMF processes, but even in these there can be IT overlap. For example; If your HR department has employee hire and termination sub-processes, IT involvement in commissioning / decommissioning network accounts and providing computers is easy to add (if it is not already there)

As stated above, if you look at the below links to some brief ITIL overviews I have posted,you will notice that in many cases the simple addition of the ISO required documentation and audit requirements gets you right there.

part 1 – Overview
Part 2 – Configuration Management
Part 3 – Incident Management
Part 4 – Problem Management

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