Your Web Site – It’s Part of Your Brand

June 11, 2008

You have spent some time working on your Web Presence, you have made it easy to find you. You have clearly and concisely identified how you solve your customers pain through your value proposition, and clearly articulated all details and constraints about your business.

For the next step, consider your brand presentation. You have Corporate Letterhead and Business Cards, perhaps brochures and other media. On all of these pieces, you are building your brand through your logo, colour schemes, and even the font and detail of your address and telephone numbers.

On your web site, you know that you will utilize your your branding as far as colours and logo, but don’t forget to extend that right through to your “Contact Us” data. A format consistent with all your other branding pieces should be used. That includes the fonts, colours, spacing and other details that you have on your business cards or marketing pieces.

I have seen it several times; In the SMB space, maybe you have used a design house to craft a logo and a “visual look” of your company name and contact details. Perhaps it looks like;

A left aligned Logo
ACME Widget Manufacturing Co.
Telephone (555)555-5555 extension: yyyy

But then you have a Web Site design Company do your web site, and for lack of better direction, your “Contact Us” is simply;

Logo At top of page
Acme Widget

And don’t forget your staff’s e-mail “Signature Block” as well. Left to their own devices, each staff member will build their own going from the basic to fancy – none of which may align with your brand identity. Define the template of font sizes, colours, and elements to be used in signature blocks.

It is your brand – protect it!

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