Don’t Automate Chaos

June 26, 2008

Julien Dionne on his Incentive, Compensation and Sales Performance Management blog has a good post called Don’t Automate Chaos

As I wrote in this Don’t Automate Broken Processes post, this bears repeating. The measures, metrics, and processes must be mapped out and identified first.

The “Way we always do thing’s around here” beast must be neutralized first. Failure in looking at how you perform these tasks can either make your software tool fail completely, or be so twisted out of shape that many of the benefits you hoped for will just never happen.


2 Responses to “Don’t Automate Chaos”

  1. elliotross Says:

    I agree that you cannot allow processes to “chain you” into an inflexible loop. You always need the flexibility to modify a process.

    In a media company – perhaps there is very little process defined in the “creative” side.

    But where a defined “process” pays off is the “supporting cast” of events that need to occur to get an end result.

    For example, if 30 media developers are placing new information on your website at random times – sooner or later someone makes a mistake and something breaks.

    A process of adding to the website could be testing and validation etc. These type of processes support the creative work & can reduce costs of errors and omissions.

  2. I sort of agree and sort of disagree. Processes are important – and i do share your concern that micro – processes shouldnt be jotted down and converted to things that are gold and cant be touched further. Im assuming, you, like me are referring to a services business.

    But on the other hand, processes need to be mapped out for certain kinds of things just to prevent chaos on a level that hampers efficiency. We used to be chaotic in my media company, we used to not hamper processes or lay them down. Then we started using Google Docs after which i licensed a Project Management tool called Deskaway ( – it started with Google Docs and really took off with DA – productivity increased, i never told my media people what to do but i made sure that there was some amount of material always available for them to connect the dots.

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