A Common Thread?

July 8, 2008

Here are three references, all geared towards IT in the SMB space – they are all different – yet there is a common thread that they all allude to.

Ann All in this post called SMBs and the Outsourcing Decision at IT Business Edge quotes;

SMBs showed far less interest in outsourcing than their larger competitors, planning to spend less on consulting/outsourcing/training services and managed services than the big guys.

Then Darren Dahl at Inc.com has the following quote in this article “How to trim your IT budget without making sacrifices.”

Some businesses are ditching their IT departments in favor of outsourced teams.

Third, Jared Goralnick has an excellent blog post called Wake up: your technology adviser sucks quotes;

The influencers who spread outdated, expensive, and erroneous information should get a clue or quit their jobs–because they’re not helping anyone.

The Common Thread?

How can a business manager in the SMB/SME space make an informed judgment on the correct technology options for their business when;

Well, when you have no idea of the correct technology options for your business?

Who do you ask?

What is different about that type of relationship?

What lack of knowledge needs to be overcome?

Can I trust where that knowledge is coming from?

I included the article above by Darren Dahl as an example because it is skewed on the portion of outsourcing the entire tech team – the business owner is a techie – so the above questions don’t apply.

And Jared’s article is brilliant – if you have been following this blog – you will know that I echo Jared’s opinion (see About Me)

I will follow up with some future posts on some of the questions for business managers to ask.

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One Response to “A Common Thread?”

  1. RickRossSr Says:


    Quick question for everyone…

    Anyone ever Incorporate Online? Need any help? I’m here to help 🙂

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