Real SMB IT – People Come, People Go, EMail May Not

July 9, 2008

We all have email accounts that support roles – not individuals in our organizations.

You know the ones,,,, etc

A common thing in the SMB space is to have John in HR have a second E-Mail address assigned to him with the address. Then Jane in Marketing has the address for the account.

I don’t recommend this. Over time these role based EMail accounts grow in number, then when John or Jane in leaves, we hope that someone remembers to move that careers@ or information@ account to somebody else.

If you are using an EMail platform (Such as MS Exchange) that supports public folders and distribution lists you can avoid this risk of losing EMail accounts, and at the same time, improve information retention if it is required.

Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists can have email addresses just as individuals do. So an email account could be created as a distribution list with more than one member of sales or marketing as members. Members can be easily added or removed and nothing can get lost.

Public Folders

Microsoft Exchange Public Folders (and Lotus Mail Enabled Databases) can also be effective. They also have EMail addresses, so when that CV is emailed to, it is tucked permanently into a safe storage area and the applicable individuals can be notified via an associated distribution list.

Regardless of who comes, or who goes, you no longer worry about what information may be missed.

Here is another example – As an IT Manager, when I purchase software for the business, every vendor on the planet requires that the software be registered with an email address.

I don’t use my personal EMail address for this – I use a Public Folder with a distribution list. Those registration and licencing emails can then never be lost.

Believe me – nothing is worse than trying to find out licencing information about some software that you previously purchased, but the IT or AP staffer used their personal address – and since they have been gone for 2 years ……….

Two years after I am gone, my replacement will still have all the required licencing and registration information safely tucked away in that EMail folder.

If there is equivalent functionality in Google Mail – Please let me know!

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