Can I Buy ITIL Software?

July 30, 2008

I received an email asking if it was possible to buy ITIL software. (My Email address is on my About Me page)

Sorry – not really

As the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework of “Best Practices” – There is not “One Right Way” to perform any ITIL process. Compared with something like your accounting, where generally acceptable accounting practices are generally fixed – any accounting software is generally going to behave the same way.

ITIL Aligned

While you cannot purchase ITIL Software – various software packages can be ITIL aligned

Software tools such as Help Desk, Asset Management etc can be ITIL aligned when they understand and work with the ITIL processes. For example, a Help Desk tool can understand that incidents can be linked to problems (or multiple Incidents can be linked to one Problem.)

Of course, if you are a large organization and can drop 7+ figures, companies such as IBM or CA will supply suites of tools based around their CMDB’s (Configuration Management Database) that enable full lifecycle management of IT assets, from discovery through help desk etc.

For Mid to Large Market businesses – tools such as BMC’s Remedy and Provance (and others) can provide ITIL aligned solutions.

What ever your organization size, the key point is the process. You can leverage just about any tool (or tools) to follow the ITIL best practices.

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