A Decision In Time

August 1, 2008

I was reading some notes I took at an event a few years ago and it reminded me of something that bears repeating. This is not only applicable to IT, but to SMB Managers in General.

Any decision that we make in our business is valid only at the time and circumstance where that decision was made.

What was a good decision last year, may not be a good decision now.

What was not performed as a bad decision now, may be a good decision next year.

The World Turns

I am sure that we have all have heard;

“we tried that 2 years ago,,, nobody went for it…”

or; “We designed that a few years ago because …”

As written in previous posts on my blog, we must stay flexible. Just because something was a great idea years ago, does not mean it needs to be written in stone.

You can’t drive your car by looking in the rear view mirror.

You must look through the front window and see what is coming. The view will always be changing, and we must always be adjusting.

And sometimes those adjustments may be revisiting decisions we made, or did not make in the past.


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