A 189 Dollar Web Site

August 5, 2008

I was driving and saw a flyer taped to a light standard. The flyer was offering business cards, car wraps, and yes, Web Sites for a hundred and eighty – nine bucks.

Umm well……..

Sure, for really small organizations, there are free tools for building a basic web site, these include Roxer and Microsoft Small Business.

And sure, there are even free web hosting providers as Peter Hagopian states here.

Do We Outsource Our Web Site Development?

But as Teresa Morrow states here,

…your website is probably the predominant space for you to showcase to your potential clients your services and/or product

Outsourcing the design of your web site can make sense, but I disagree with outsourcing your content.

While design firms can make a web site look fantastic, they can neglect the fact that the “visual” may be great, but keywords, and links may be poor, or there is so much multimedia that navigation through the site is difficult or nearly impossible.

You must take ownership of your website content. It should be updated regularly, and it must present you as effectively as possible.

At a previous position I held, we fully outsourced a major re-write of our web site, but we demanded a “template” within the code so that our communications team had an area that they could “copy and paste” new text into the site in a way that would not destroy or alter the formatting and design.

So the 189 Dollar Web Site?

Well, I don’t recommend it ….

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