The SMB & Software Asset Management

August 12, 2008

I did a post previously on IT Asset Management located here.

Let me add, IT Asset Management includes less tangible assets including your software licences and media.

In the SMB space it is too easy to lose the handle on what software licences have been purchased, or to whom the licence was supplied to.

Too often the “techie” orders the required software package, installs it for the one that requested the software & “files” the installation media and licence in a box or back room somewhere.

Software Asset Management does not have to be expensive and complex, but it should be centralized and documented, the title, licence, version, purchase date, assignee etc.

A Day of Frustration

I maintain an inventory of all software assets, however periodically the search starts for some (expensive) title purchased a few years ago that was quietly being used by someone who left our organization. Now a new individual will be assuming that position, and they need that tool.

I wasted the better part of a day trying to track down that software and its associated licence. That included finding the original invoice and back tracking through the reseller and software vendor.

I admit, I can be stubborn, But how many would have just called up the vendor or reseller and ordered a new copy?

As well as the time wasted trying to find that software and licence, properly documenting them will improve software licence compliance. Five people may need that thousand dollar software tool, but five more “want” it because it is cool.

When the “Wants” come to me asking for that tool, it takes seconds to show the 5 licences and that the 5 people that “need” it are using it. If they want it – they can try to convice their manager to shell out the grand for another licence.


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