SaaS, Outages, and the SMB

September 3, 2008

There have been dozens of articles in print and online in recent weeks, including this one by Nicholas Hoover at Information Week regarding high profile SaaS outages with big name SaaS vendors.

In fact Mr. Hoovers article is titled;

Outages Force Cloud Computing Users To Rethink Tactics

In the SMB / SME Space? Well lets keep it real Yo!

Yes outages are a concern, yes outages are a risk.

But before someone throws the concept out of the window because they heard about an outage somewhere. Ask;

Well – Can We Do Better?

In the SMB / SME space – I bet not.

I know that I can’t.

I am located in a region with frequent power outages, and the building does not have an emergency generator.

The backup batteries on the servers and other devices hold everything for a while, but not long enough.

So as part of your evaluation and due diligence – be aware of the risks – but ask yourself if realistically you can do better.


One Response to “SaaS, Outages, and the SMB”

  1. Roy Atkinson Says:

    Yes – these are the questions that matter. Outages are just plain bad. Outages you have to wait out are frustrating. Outages that have your people scurrying to find a fix, reach a vendor, get a part, or walk through a once-tested Disaster Recovery Plan are enough to age you.

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