ITyrannousauras Rex

September 4, 2008

As I quoted here, Nicholas Carr stated that he would be surprised if ;

“..if …20 years from now there are still IT departments in corporations”

And Vaughan Merlyn pointed me to this “Tech Pros: The Next Dinosaurs?” article by Ben Worthen

IT Evolution is Coming Here

In house IT staff as plugging a PC or server into a wall jack will be gone.

That is not to say that this low level IT work will disappear completely, but it will be a service provider. Somewhere in the phone book between Electrician and Plumber.

IT staff in our businesses will have to be Business IT – part negotiator, relationship manager, and with deep understanding of the interdependencies among data, processes, and the individuals using them.

Susan Scrupski writes that nGenera is already there. 100% Software as a Service. (Saas)

Wanting to or not, we have caught the wave – Now we need to either ride it, or, well, like old T-Rex, be for the archaeologists to look for.

Are you evolving?

Photo Credit: only_point_five

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton


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