Power; You Need It

September 11, 2008

Maybe you have done it?

You hit double digit growth, so you and your partner move out of that basement into a 2 x 4 space in the back of a strip mall or warehouse?.

Euphoria hits! Double digit growth is still happening, energized you realize that you need genuine commercial office space because you will need at least a half dozen more staff in the next 18 months.

You are getting out of SOHO town and into the genuine SMB / SME space.

Slow Down!

I Don’t mean to burst that bubble. But your double digit growth probably means you don’t have the one customer just down the road anymore either.

When looking for that office space, do yourself a favour. Before you sign the lease or mortgage, ensure that there is emergency power generation capability, and, that you can plug into it.

Frustration is when that new and improved customer base of yours cannot contact you for hours every few weeks because the power is out.

Blackout From Space

Blackout From Space


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