Blocking Social Media

September 16, 2008

I definitely qualify as part of the older generation.

Social Media

Social Media

And no – I don’t use Facebook. So I don’t have a vested interest here.

That being said, I was in a (quite) animated discussion with a boatload of people younger than I was on employers blocking or banning social media web sites such as Facebook and MySpace .

I don’t think it is necessary. The main reply was Time Waster and productivity.

My take was;

1) Some business can extract value from these sites. I cannot recall where, but I recall one organization that is using social media for retired and current employees to keep in touch and possibly identify new ideas. Another was using Facebook as an emergency contact list. (if your office building is currently in Galveston Tx. Can you think of a more central way to find out how people are doing and where people are?)

2) Even if you feel (and let me emphasize feel) that it would do your business no good. So What?

Failure to Manage

Making a policy for anything; time off, tardiness, etc simply because one or two individuals have abused it, is quite simply a manager who hasn’t the skills to deal with the individual who is abusing.

If you have one person who consistently arrives late – do you punish everybody else with a memo that tardiness will be docked from their pay?

Or do you find out the root cause of the abusing individuals tardiness?

Hint: if you answered with the first part, you fail.

Yes – there have been documented cases of Malware on sites like Facebook – but those are everywhere.

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