The Business Card Web Site

September 17, 2008

The title is from an excellent post by Jim Rubart at He Blogs She Blogs.

Sometimes in a local smaller organization you really don’t need to worry about a first place ranking on Google or Yahoo!

Maybe you are a local legal firm, consultancy, or staffing firm.

Maybe you are a roofing, plumbing or landscaping firm.

Deliberate vs General Search

Because you don’t care about general search queries regarding your product or service from half a continent away, As far as you are concerned, your web site needs to be no more complex than what product or service you provide, and, how to get hold of you.

Sounds reasonable.

But before going too far down this road, consider;

Perhaps through advertising, a sales call, or even a referral, someone remembers just a basic part about your business. Unfortunately they cannot remember all the details.

They already know you exist.

So that prospective customer deliberately hits the search engines with as much information as they have available.

That could be part of your name,

Maybe with your region or location,

And perhaps with your product or service.

They know you exist! Unfortunately for you, they can’t find you.



Even with the information they have available, deliberate search queries are not finding you.

To them, you are invisible and have fallen off of the face of the planet.

Two Options

And you do have two options;

1) Hope that they try to find out somewhere else your complete information, before they go to a competitor.

2) Make sure they find you.

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