ITIL – (Over) Simplified

September 24, 2008

I was asked in an email if I wasn’t simplifying the ITIL Framework a bit.


I am simplifying it a lot

As stated on my About Me page, my goal with this blog is general IT information geared towards the non-technology business manager, general manager or owner in the SMB space.

My target is those individuals that are looking for basic information on a variety of SMB IT issues (not just ITIL). And along the way I have pointed out links for more detailed and in depth information.

If you are a senior ITIL expert and have successfully implemented multi-million dollar ITIL aligned service support / service delivery – well, my little outlines here are not for you!

While this blog has covered IT topics for non technology managers from file services, to financial controls, – the magic of Google has ITIL and the small business / medium business as one of the most searched for topics.

The first post on ITIL for the small to medium business is here.

As quoted by Tim Walker I do it because;

..because then they’re easy to understand.

Alexander and the Gordian Knot

Image Credit Wikipedia

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