Dysfunctional IT

September 29, 2008

The following quote by Vaughan Merlyn is geared towards large organizations.

But it is definitely not limited to large organizations. (Emphasis is mine);

..IT eventually finds itself in a vicious cycle – low business demand maturity begets low IT supply maturity.  When IT does get engaged by the business for a new system, it fails to “push back” on the business demand to “automate the manual process as is – don’t make us change the process!”  IT does what it’s told, even if that means customizing the heck out of an off-the-shelf package.  The customization triples the implementation costs, and sends subsequent maintenance costs through the roof.

No small business / medium business manager would state that we deliberately designed and implemented our IT infrastructure to be brittle, fragile and inefficient.

But lack of vision, communication and management will definitely get you there.

And complexity? Its a killer.

Complexity equals Chaos

Complexity equals Chaos

Start now

Design in the processes and tools to ensure that as you grow – your IT Infrastructure (and people) are growing as well.

Photo Credit:Kevin Dooley


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