Blog as Website Revisited

October 2, 2008

Hoo boy!

Thanks to Julien’s comments on the first post of using blogging software as a web site, And e-mail from HB

Check out these website generated by blogging software;

I Can Localize Translation Services

And All Things Digital

Both are quite intricate web sites, and both on blogging software

My last feeble comment;

It can’t be that easy to do (can it?)


2 Responses to “Blog as Website Revisited”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Ian, I am glad you dropped by,

    And using the blog platform, I think you can get a hell of a web page!

    I hope you checked out that cafe site as well! For what you are doing, I think it looks pretty good.

    And just think of the photo’s / feedback using a blog platform

    One of the chaps on my blogroll can probably give a hand if you have questions – let me know!

  2. ian Says:

    You’re absolutely correct – blogs can be great biz webpages, I guess I need to work backwards – try to incorporate my blog into my webpage!

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