Have You Looked For Yourself?

October 3, 2008

I know that a SME that I am acquainted with is doing a redesign of their web site.

Just on a whim, I hit a couple of search engines and tried to find them by a web search. (they are still on the old site)

I deliberately did not use the company name in my searches. As I wrote in this Web Site As Business Card post,  I was trying to search as if I had heard of the company, but could not remember the details.

The search I tried was the location, plus any industry related keywords and terms that I could think of.

In not one of my searches could I find this company. (at least in the first three or four pages of results, which is all the patience I have for scrolling through)

I challenge you to do the same.

If you search for your own company, no cheating by putting the name there! can you find yourself?

By industry?

By location?

By product or service?

Or are you invisible to the search engines?

In the small business space, we don’t put enough effort into search optimization. We should.

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