13 Yr Old Goaltenders, and IT Spending

October 8, 2008

Like many Canadian kids, our 13 year old plays hockey.

As a goaltender, the full suite of protective gear can easily hit a thousand bucks.

And, like many 13 years old, he is growing.

Wants vs. Needs

We had a discussion because he wants a complete set of new equipment. Primarily the highly visible (and highly expensive) mask and goaltender pads.



But he needs the invisible chest and shoulder protection that he is actually growing out of.


Same thing. That lesson never ends.

If I had the budget for every want, I could spend a million dollars.

I will spend a lot less than that on the needs.

That is not to say that I will buy the ‘el cheapo’ products for those needs, as I have written in other posts, I plan for the full cost of ownership over that assets lifecycle. Which can mean a few more dollars up front.


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