Name Brand vs. No-Name PC’s

October 11, 2008

As a business technology manager, one of the most frequent questions I am asked by small business owners and managers is the debate about purchasing name brand personal computers and laptops vs. the ‘No-Name’ white box machines from the corner tech shop.

I hate that question because it is a chicken and egg kind of thing.

The White Box No Name

Any computer tech or gamer will tell you of the amazing machines that can be ordered and extensively customized from the corner no-name tech shop.

But that assumes that you are already technical enough to select the top quality pieces that will all work nicely together. If you are non-technical, you can be purchasing computer hardware with Jim & Joe’s Made in The Basement computer parts.

I cannot even count the number of times that random PC crashes and problems disappeared when some no-name piece of hardware was replaced by a quality name brand piece.

The Name Brand

I have written in several posts that SME’s must look at the full PC life cycle when purchasing. Over the life cycle of the asset, a few more dollars up front will pay back in multiples.

Also, the ‘on-site’ warranty replacement and repair services offered by name brand vendors can be worth their weight in gold!

So yes, my recommendation is to go with the name brand vendors.

UPDATE: March 2009 – another possible issue is now here.

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One Response to “Name Brand vs. No-Name PC’s”

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