Suits And Geeks

October 13, 2008

I like this post by Ann All at IT Business Edge on the disconnects between IT and the general business managers.

The post has arguments from both sides;

….. Users expect it to work like magic all the time, and the tech/plumber always has to put up with the disgruntled user’s shit.
……make requests and demands that violate things like “logic” and the laws of physics
….Often IT derides the other parts because it doesn’t understand their contribution, and measures them by their technical skills
…..non-business Tech, who then decides which way to go? No, of course not — he’ll hardly understand what your point is at all

If you have been following this blog, you will note that I have been this is an issue that I have been trying to emphasize.

And it takes both sides.

It is communication ,and it is being part of the conversation.

The onus is on technical staff to leave jargon and geek speak at the door.

And the onus is on you, the SME manager to ensure that you have a regular conversation.

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