Is That Conversation Documented?

October 29, 2008

And I don’t mean conversation as the social media pundits talk about it.

I am talking literally.

After receiving a complaining phone call, We recently had an internal team of people trying to back track various conversations and events to determine the root cause of this complaint.

Now, for the last little while I have been preaching internally that we do not do a very good job of documenting the conversations we have with our customers. And this is something that too many SME’s also fail to do.

Hours trying to search through two years of archived email is not documenting the conversation.

Hours trying to reverse engineer a database tool or program is not documenting the conversation.

You can call it any term you want, but documenting the conversation is a permanent record of any deliverable, milestone, or requests or orders you receive from your customers.

If you don’t want to do it to save those permanently lost dollars of effort and time;

Then do it because in the eyes of your customers, perception is king. And you don’t want the perception that you are unresponsive, or worse.



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