LinkedIn WordPress Plugin

October 29, 2008

LinkedIn has added new widgets that they call ‘Applications’ that Chris Brogan pointed me to.


You have the ability to keep your network more up-to-date than ever with what you are doing.

I added this WordPress blog to my profile in about 5 seconds flat.

You can see it here (click the view Full Profile link)


4 Responses to “LinkedIn WordPress Plugin”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Good afternoon!

    The twitter one is a default on – I just selected from the configuration options

    The linked in chicklet is just a URL with an image link using this linked in button in the SRC



  2. nancy robert Says:

    can I also ask: what plugin did you use on your About me page for the linked in profile link? I have been searching for this and can’t find the plugin.
    Thanks for your help. I am not a programmer but I’m trying to bring up a new blog.

  3. nancy robert Says:

    What plug-in did you use to list your twitter account?

  4. Top work Says:

    Top work…

    Excellent, just gotta recomend this….

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