When Blogs Can Influence Purchase Behavior

October 31, 2008

In yesterdays post Blogs Influence Purchase Behavior? I mentioned that I knew a small business owner that does not even want to have a website, let alone do anything as weird as a blog or other ‘Social Media’.

I also mentioned that in his case, I believe that he definitely should have a great web site, and could benefit from a social media option such as blogging.

The Background

This gentleman distributes a reasonably high end discretionary item to small independent retail organizations that actually sell and install the product.

Like many independently owned SMB’s, these retail organizations have their own views of web technology. Their views go from no web site at all, through a glorified yellow pages type web site, to some that have good web sites.

In that first post I also argued that in a B2B organization, if your true customers are not Internet Users blogs won’t help you.

And sure enough in this case, his customers are (for the most part) not Internet users. So I guess my distributor friend reasonably believes that since his customers (the independent retailers) don’t give a rats @ss about anything ‘webby’, he does not need to either.

The Difference

Now re-read the above!

“…A reasonably high end discretionary product.”


Consumers that can afford a reasonably high end discretionary purchase product will have a higher percentage of “Internet Users”.

So in his case, he could use a component marketing strategy with a strong web presence that drives awareness of the product and brand, getting the actual consumer to look for his product at their local retailer.

In this case by focusing on his customers actual customer.

Who is YOUR customer?

Who is YOUR customer?

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