Process + Organization + Technology

November 4, 2008

My thanks to Carl Weinschenk at IT Finance Connection who pointed me to an excellent article posted by Sandy Kemsley at Intelligent Enterprise called; 8 Things You Should Tell Your CEO.

For you, the business Owner or Manager in the small to medium business space, two of those 8 points are particularly relevant.

In many places on this blog I have stated that people, process, then (maybe) technology are key in our businesses. Technology in, and of itself, is useless with out the other two.

Sandy quotes George Colony of Forrester Research as stating this relationship almost as an algebraic equation.

Process + Organization + Technology ….when you change any one of these, the other two will have to change

And second;

Technology has changed your customer, and your customer will change your business

We need to know our customers.

No, not that one. You don’t actually sell parts to ACME Widget Co.

You sell parts to;

A) An engineer at ACME Widget who likes the flexibility of your part because it fits in several widgets

B) The CFO at ACME Widget because your part is 6% less expensive than your competitor

C) Other

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