SMB IT: Hiring Part 1

November 6, 2008

Over the years I have had many discussions with small business / mid market business Managers and Owners regarding the hiring of IT staff.

Unless your business is a technology business, hiring IT staff or suppliers can be a pain the ass.

That pain comes from;

* How do you know what you need?

* If someone is telling you what you need, is it true or snake oil?

* What questions do I need to know about my business, and what am I really looking for?

* Do I hire? or should I just contract it out?

* What land mines exist in hiring IT staff?

* When should I look at hiring IT staff?

As I wrote in this post,  our businesses are all not the same, there is no one size fits all answer.

The metrics of ‘number of staff’, or revenue do not always paint the picture. You and I could both 100 staff, yours may be writing orders or software on computers, while mine are in the loading area.

More accurate metrics consist of how many technology assets are under management, (internal or hosted) and the effect or benefit of technology on your business.

No Tech No Prob?

Means that you can most likely not be as worried about internal tech staffers long after the similar sized organization that relies on certain technology to operate or generate revenue.

Over this next series of posts I will outline some of my experiences and lessons learned in hiring IT staff in the SME space.

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