People Problems or Process Problems

November 7, 2008

If you regularly visit blogs, you will have noticed that WordPress automatically keyword searches the blog entry and generates what it considers related posts. You will see it on each blog post looking like this;

Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

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On one of my previous posts, The automatically generated ‘Possibly related Posts’ had this excellent link to Kevin Rutherford.

I have written many posts on process on this blog. Most within the context of the ITIL framework. The above referenced (2006) post by Kevin is an excellent article on the full topic of systematic processes.

And as Kevin states, the system;

And by system I mean that collection of processes, procedures, situations, knowledge, structures that make up the environment in which the incident occurred.

In the SMB space, we must remember that no production of our product or service exists in a vacuum. Even if we do not formally recognize events as system processes, they are.

Materials, time, and knowledge are inputs that are manipulated in some method into an output for the next step of the environment.

Open Systems Process

Open Systems Process

Image Credit Wikipedia

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