Innovation, Process – And The Big Guys

November 13, 2008

If you have been reading this blog for a while, the theme of process comes up, well, quite frequently

While I have been writing on this theme for managers in the small / medium business space, I am sure that some of you wonder if I am just blowing smoke, or a hammer looking for a nail. (Although I do confess to wanting to whack something once in a while!)

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The November 2008 issue of the Harvard Business Review (subscription required) has an article by James I. Cash Jr, Michael J. Earl, and Robert Morison on Innovation and Enterprise Integration.

The article deals with governance, IT architecture, etc and references Fortune sized companies including GE, Royal Dutch Shell and others.

But I wanted to share one little snippet for SMB Managers.

In a reference towards GE’s Corporate Initiatives Group, A group responsible for horizontal processes and integration across all business units; (emphasis original)

…. its policy is to apply technology only after other improvements have been made.

While improving a process at a behemoth GE’s size can be millions in benefits.

In smaller organizations, understanding the linkages in tasks and events that are geared towards an outcome will improve your transition game too.

And it does not take years to do. Just some persistence.


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