Screwed Up IT, Or Scam?

November 13, 2008

You tell me!

Sitting at home this evening and the phone rings. I pick up the receiver and hear the dreaded click of a forced call (i.e. telemarketer)

But then I hear a robo-call voice telling that the warranty on my car is expiring. And that this call would be the last time they would warn me about this.

Now, at no time did robo-voice state what brand or manufacturer they were calling for or representing!


Yes, I am a business tech chap, but second; I am a major car fan, and third, I work for a very small supplier to the automotive industry.

So I am a pretty ‘automotive savvy’ individual. I am very aware of vehicles and their warranties etc. My wife has a 2005 Smart Cabrio that is well over the warranty, my 2006 Mercedes is well over the standard warranty and approaching the end of the maximum extended warranty that Mercedes Benz sells, and our little Nissan is barely a year old. Well within its warranty period.

The finale

So, at the end of the recording, robo-voice said I could press ‘1’ to speak to a representative.

So what the hell, I was curious enough to press ‘1’

I confess I was looking forward to a little Q&A with whomever made this call.

Unfortunately, after a few clicks and beeps, the line went dead.

My curiosity will go unrequited.

Because this call was wrong on so many levels.

UPDATE: It is a scam


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