Analyze And Act

November 26, 2008

In an article titled; Ideas For Difficult Times, Del Chatterson states it bluntly;

..Be focused, be flexible, and be creative.
Analyze, decide, and take action. You and your business will be better for it.

Even here in Canada The OECD is now stating that Canada is, or will be joining the US in the recessionary figures dance.

In the SMB space, it can be downright gloomy just looking around.

As dark as the economy is, this can be the time to be thorough and evaluate everything in your business.

Your Market

Your market. Is there a new one, or improvements that can be made to the old?

Your Customer

Your customer touch points. Can we make it easier to talk with our customers?

I have touched on those same topics in several posts. As a Business Technology Manager I try to look at what can be done to improve the retention of existing, or acquisition of new customers.

I read a print article this week about a large ticket independent retailer that was staying in the black by aggressively pursuing an after sales service strategy.

Does your business model support that idea?

Maybe you install furnaces. Do wait for them to call you?

Or are you aggressively calling them for maintenance work?

Look at this organization, A commodity industry if ever there was one. They sell computer memory upgrades for your computer. But look at the web site.


You run that little tool and it will show you how much memory your computer already has, and what type of memory that you can purchase for your particular model.

If you manufacture a serialized product; could that serial number present a customer a diagram, photograph, or schematic, with add ons or upgrades available?

Cutting costs is one thing.

Looking at how you sell, to whom you sell, and how easy you are to purchase from can raise the other side of the coin.


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