Execution, And Performance Reviews?

December 2, 2008

I have written it on this blog before; In my opinion, many of us in the small / medium business space are lousy at execution.  Yet properly executing both tactical and strategic plans within our organizations are critical in growing our business.

I read two completely unrelated articles today that conspired to get me to write this!

Greig Clark has an excellent PROFIT Magazine article on strategic execution titled; Planning: Connecting the dots

And second, Alison Green has an article available through her blog titled; 6 Ways Managers Mess Up Performance Evaluations

Confused Yet?

Lets look at The headings for Alison’s 6 points on messing up performance reviews; (visit the blog for the details!)

*Not being direct about problem areas
*Not being specific enough
*Not paying attention to the overall picture
*Focusing only on recent history rather than the entire evaluation period
*Not getting feedback from others

Can we apply this to execution?

1. Procrastinating

Proper execution won’t start itself. If you show you don’t care about the details that you discussed and developed, most employees won’t either.

Assign ownership to individuals, assign responsibility to individuals.

Then monitor results.


2. Not being direct about problem areas

When executing tactical or strategic plans, you need results, demand them.

Regularly, and on time

3. Not being specific enough

Getting results requires specifics. Thirty thousand foot overviews won’t get you there.

Get into the weeds and get detailed about deliverables, about whom, and about when.

4. Not paying attention to the overall picture.

When you are up to your ass in alligators, it may be difficult to remember that you are trying to drain the swamp.

But you have to.

Perfect execution of the wrong strategy won’t help much. So keep the big picture front and centre.

5. Focusing only on recent history rather than the entire evaluation period

Execution is not a single meeting.

Whether your plan is a tactical goal or a strategic change, You have an end game.

It is a day to day, deliverable by deliverable grind.

Get there.

6. Not getting feedback from others.

Get advice and recommendations from your people that you are expecting results from.

Get advice from your advisers or your network of peers on similar issues and their results.

The Takeaway?

Properly executing your plans is a discipline. There is no silver bullet made to just turn your organization into an executing organization.

It is the little steps of accountability and responsibility.

Day in, and day out.

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2 Responses to “Execution, And Performance Reviews?”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Monsieur Blanchard, Merci!

    Thank you for visiting!

  2. Excellent post, Elliot!

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