Labelling Is Cheap – Do It!

December 8, 2008

Replacing an old battery backup system (UPS) gave the opportunity to spend a good portion of the weekend tearing apart and re-wiring my little server room.

If you have visited here for a while, you know that the majority  of my mission critical production data center is not here (not even in the same city!). I have it outsourced to a professional 24×7 data center.

What I have internally are a few servers dedicated to the development team, standard file services etc.

As with most small / medium businesses, over the years new devices get installed, so there is always a rats nest of power cords, cables, and boxes.

It Should Be Easy

Can you tell what that box that particular power cable is connected to?

Or what device that blue network cable is going to?

Label printers are dirt cheap. Each device, cable, and power cord should be clearly labeled and diagrammed.

At some time in the future, whether it is a contractor or your own staff on their hands and knees tracking what goes where will thank you for properly labelling everything.


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