CIO, In Charge Of Marketing?

December 11, 2008

Mel Duvall has a post titled Should CIOs Be In Charge of Marketing? at CIOZone.

The post mentions several organizations that have their senior IT leader, perform a dual role as leader of their Marketing strategies.

…Gaylord Entertainment, which operates a number of mega-resorts, had asked its CIO Rich Maradik to also assume the role of chief marketing officer.

Personally, I read many marketing expert blogs, samples include Frank Reed, Mitch Joel,  and Seth Godin.

But I also read blogs on finance, (one example is Robert Hacker ) and Human Resources (I.E. Ron Ulrici at R&S.


I don’t read them to become a chief of marketing, finance, or HR, I can tell you that!

I do read them so that as a business technology manager I can understand some of the issues being faced by different parts of my organization.

I do it so that I can look at issues through a lens that is different from a technology lens.

The CIO Zone posts asks if this is a blip or a trend.

My Take?

A blip.

With some exceptions, the senior leadership roles in an organization need deep expertise in that field. A thin veneer of marketing or financial knowledge does not a CFO or CMO make.

The exceptions that I can make actually go the opposite way.

In many organizations, (especially larger ones) senior technology leaders can often be appointed from other organizational disciplines. I am personally acquainted with CA’s and CMA’s who head operations or supply chain roles, and have read of many in IT roles.

If you are in Marketing role, please chime in with your 2 cents, Euro’s, or Pounds!

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