Have A Busy Holiday!

December 17, 2008

OK, maybe a bit cynical!

I have written before on this blog that I don’t even have much of a data centre.

As many of the applications we provide are pretty much 24-7, I outsource the physical servers to a large provider that has the 24-7 Network Operations Centre experience.

One issue (that I have also mentioned) with this model, is the famous (or notorious?) upgrade process.

When you have your own servers, in your own data centre, you purchase and install your new server or servers. You then can stage your migration from old server to new server in what ever time frame and order that you wish.

And when all is done, close down the old server.

A Forklift Upgrade

In a hosted model, your old server cannot co-habitate for too long with the new server.

Simply; You are paying for both – but generating revenue from one.

The Skinny

I have a major upgrade kicking off over the holiday (tentatively starting the 24th) that is an upgrade of both hardware, and many databases to a new database engine version.

We are hoping to have the whole thing pre-tested, migrated, and post tested in two to three weeks.

I am sure that there will be some gotcha’s that appear.

I plan for them, But I still can hope not!


2 Responses to “Have A Busy Holiday!”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Ken, Thank you for stopping by.

    And “Pay attention” is a good statement to make.

    The term “drive the agenda” can have negative connotations of bureaucratic command and control. But even in leaner, flatter organizations, paying attention, and stepping in when necessary firmly places people on notice that certain events are expected.

    I have read that Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group keeps a notebook handy wherever he travels to make notes on any thing he sees.

    You can bet that anything he makes a note about, the member of his staff in charge of it is making a similar note.



  2. Ken Kaufman Says:

    I appreciate the quote about change being when the top executives pay attention. In order for real change to occur, whether in a large corporation a SMB, the buy-in to the change needs to come from the top.

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