It Seems Obvious, Once You See It

December 17, 2008

Sure, In the SMB space we also have to know our customers. But who are they really?

Do you truly know, and identify with your customers?

The Persona

At a previous spot I worked, we did the research to develop persona’s of the key stakeholders of our target market.

These allowed us to build the elevator pitch and marketing material geared towards each different stakeholder.

There was material targeting the business division manager who had a pain point, material targeting the CFO who would be authorizng the purchase etc.

Using this persona, each message could be custom tailored to that individual stakeholder. The business manager may be looking for a particular functionality, while finance may be looking for a particular return on investment.

David Meerman Scott pointed me to the web site of RightNow Technologies. They translated that concept right onto their web site.

David has an excellent breakdown that I won’t repeat here, but check it out!

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2 Responses to “It Seems Obvious, Once You See It”

  1. elliotross Says:

    David, Thank you for dropping by!

    I agree, and just to prove our point, Rick Spence has an article in the Financial Post;

    The article is about innovation, but demonstrates how one team won business, by being the only one to visit the customer & find out what their genuine pain point truly was.

  2. Elliot – it seems obvious that companies should develop marketing not for their own ego, but instead for their buyers. But, sadly, so few do. Thanks for pointing to my stuff. David

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