Consensus Doesn’t Always Work

December 19, 2008

Alan Weiss has an excellent  post on his Contrarian Consulting blog about his penchant for not following advice. (which is why he is the contrarian consultant!)

Outside of his not following advice, there was one nugget I wanted to share;

….consensus…..mechanisms are employed in the misguided belief that if enough people can agree on something it’s probably accurate and true

You know the drill

You go around the boardroom table a dozen times.

There is always some issue or point that someone believes leaves their own interests out.


Yes, What’s In It For Me.

If there is no one in that room with the authority to make the decision, the wrong people are in the room.

If you are an owner or manager in the small business space, and if it important to your business, forget about consensus.

The overall benefit to the business must win.

Make the decision

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