IT And Telepathy; Sad But True

December 23, 2008

Margaret Maloni has a short post on CIO Zone  simply titled Mental Telepathy.

The post looks at business complaints about the lack of response, or communication from IT.

Some Samples (visit the post for more!);

I have to camp out in the IT manager’s office if I want to speak with him or her. They never answer the phone and they do not always answer my emails.

The system was unavailable this weekend and we were processing some critical customer orders. Nobody told us, are we supposed to read their minds?

Unfortunately this is more common than it should be. And it is usually because IT is stuck in a reactive, firefighting mode.

And I’ll Bet You a Paycheck

As a business manager in the small business, medium business space, are you saying this about your IT provider?

If you answer yes, I will bet that the reactive, firefighting mode of IT is due to one or more of the following;

The Takeaway

You know that old definition of insanity?

The one that says insanity is doing the same thing in the same way every time and expecting different results?

You want the end result to change?

Change the input.

Try a different way.

Think I missed one? Please let me know!

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