Focus That IT Budget

January 2, 2009

Budget IT

IT Budget

In the SMB space, most of us don’t have buckets  of cash to spend on IT.

Yet too many of us do not make the disciplined prioritization and planning of an IT budget necessary to understand where we are spending money.

If you have not moved beyond ad-hoc pricing of IT spending, take the time to start a zero based budget.

Include all capital expenses and operational expenses.


In the operational expenses, include service agreements, parts replacement, the works.

Plan your purchasing over the budget cycle, it allows you to avoid capital outlays that occur all in the same quarter.

You will find that you begin to see your IT costs in advance, and that starts peeling the kimono off of the black box of IT spending.

As a SMB owner or manager, can you say with certainty what you spent on IT last year? Do you know what you will be spending this one?

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